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Cleaning Productivity Apps

Gone are the days of grabbing a pencil and paper and writing your to-do list out by hand. Everything has an app now and they can be extremely useful. The benefits of adding a cleaning or productivity app to your phone allows you to make lists, add alerts and even photos (for a rewarding before and after!) So, lose the hand written list and join us as we uncover five top apps that will help increase your productivity.

Cleaning Checklist by Städning Stockholm

This nifty little städfirma Stockholm lets you create lists for each room of the house from a selection of over 300 städning tasks. If you can’t find one of the options already listed you can simply create your own. The great thing about this städfirma is that you can add alerts to remind you when a städning task is due. For example, if there’s a chore that needs doing weekly (perhaps dusting) you can set up a calendar of events so you won’t forget!

The best feature of this städfirma Stockholm is definitely the ability to share. You can import and export your lists between Apple iOS devices or email checklists to others – and make sure your family or flatmates are all sharing the load. With reminders like this there should no excuses about unclean rooms. You can check the progress of cleaning activity with a status progress bar which provides a percentage of total tasks for the room that are checked off and those that still need attending to.

Good Housekeeping @ Fönsterputsning Stockholm

Released by the Städfirma Falk of the same name this fönsterputsning Stockholm offers smart solutions for everything from stain removal to window washing from Städfirma Falk, Fönsterputs Stockholm. This cleaning company really does cover everything you need to know about cleaning your home or fönsterputs Stockholm and the handy stain removal section on their website provides an A-Z list of every kind of stain and how to remove it. It also provides tabbed options depending on the type of surface the stain is on (fabric, upholstery or carpet).

The Städfirma Falk Stockholms Website contains hundreds of photos for inspiration throughout your home and the the News & Tips section is filled with articles and advice on organisation and craft projects.

OK. So you’re on top of everything. Your home is clean and beautiful… now what? Well, why not take a seat on your lounge cleaned with natural cleaning products and play a little game on our website www.stadfirmashahinstockholm.se. Hidden Object In The Kitchen is just that – four very messy kitchens with items scattered everywhere and you have to spot the hidden object aint that fun.

Simple right? That’s the idea! Sit back and be thankful that your own kitchen is spotless and with your new organisation techniques you now have time for the simpler things in life thanks to our amazing cleaning nerds att Städfirma Falk Stockholm.