The word vacation is something which always remind you of some sweet memories and also a great expense. So the question is how to have a vacation without spending all of your money behind it. Here are advices for you to enjoy a vacation without hurting your wallet.

Option Comparison

Don’t make decision in a haste, wait until you compare all possible options. Comparing available options is a wise practice when you are planning a vacation. If there is an opportunity to get service from multiple sources, you should compare them all. This comparison is suitable for all vacation related service like, hotel booking, ticket booking, and renting cars. Do some research about the pricing and compare them all. For example if you are planning to rent a limousine on your vacation in Toronto, you should compare all Toronto Limos and decide on a limousine rental service. Don’t hire a middle man to do the comparison. You can compare the prices on your own with the help of internet.

You will find many limousine rental services on your vacation, I used Limo Service Toronto and had an excellent experience. Compare the facilities and prices of these different companies and you will discover the most suitable service for you at an affordable price.

Travel Planning

Vacation involves lots of traveling, so you have to plan according to your budget. You can do some research about the flight routers of different airlines if you are planning to travel on plane. There are many airlines which take multiple routes before the destination. A direct flight is the most convenient way of traveling to a destination. So find out which airline have a direct flight to your destination. It will reduce will travel cost. Comparing the price of different airlines is also very important, otherwise you might miss a cheap rate.

Consulting with Travel Agents

Sometimes if you want to travel to a new place, you need to collect some information before going there. A travel agent will assist you with these things. Consulting a travel agent is very helpful if you are planning a travel on a vessel. You won’t find much information about a cruise travel on the internet. So consulting with a travel agent is the more appropriate and effective. A travel agent often has relationship with the cruise lines and they know about the facilities. So a trip on a boat should be done after consulting with a travel agent.


Travel Smart

Traveling smart involves many things. It is from your hotel choice to your luggage choice. You have to pick the right option for traveling. A vacation won’t cost you much if you take the right decisions all the way. A limousine rental service is a good example for traveling smart. If you do some research about hiring a limousine, you will find that hiring a limousine doesn’t cost much. So you have to be smart with your vacation options. Smart decisions will ensure a smart, safe and efficient vacation for you. You can follow these advices and you will find out, how you can make your vacation memorable without breaking your bank.

There are no secretes behind a beautifully designed interior, there are no guidebooks for that.


You just have to follow your heart when it comes to interior decoration. Interior décor is all about creativity and a sense of style and elegance. Even interior decorator don’t follow any guidelines when they are performing a design. They just use their imagination and implement that in your home. Some rough thoughts and ideas can lead to a great interior design. You don’t have to be a master of designing to create an elegant environment within your home. Just be creative and innovative with your interior decorating ideas. So here are some cools tips to get you started with your interior decoration process –

Don’t go for the painting first, you have to leave it for last. It is often not implanted by house owners. They just want to get rid of the hassle of paint work and finish it before the decoration work. But the idea is not ideal and very wise. There are thousands of choice for you when it comes to choose the right paint color. With each paint color your house will look different. You should choose the color that complements the furniture’s of your room. So you have to leave the paint work for last. It will give you the opportunity to add a nice finishing touch to your decoration.

Too many furniture within a room can take all the space. You have to be clever with the furniture placement. Overcrowding your room with excessive furniture is never a good idea. Give your furniture some breathing space and make your room open for walking. You should spend after quality products not quantity of products. Your room will get a far better look with little numbers of furniture.

You can have some painting on the wall to add a taste of elegance in your interior decoration. The artworks must be in right heights. Not too close to the floor and not on the ceiling. Many house owners often have the tendency to hang the artworks higher and out of reach. Your artworks should be within the eye level of your visitors. So maintain a proper height with your artwork add a sense of elegance to your interior decoration.

Creating a focal point is also very important factor you should consider while decorating your interior. The most beautiful piece of your interior design should be the focal point of the room. Focal point can be anything, a mantel or a piece of art. It must be something people will look twice. So don’t go for too many primary focal point. It will create a visual disturbance in your decoration.

You can also display your collectables in your decoration. Choose some small pieces of collectables and arrange those in order. Don’t hang any pieces that doesn’t fit, oversized pieces should not be used. The final step of decoration is the lighting. It is an important part of the interior décor. So choose the right combination of lighting for your room.